Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use 'Six by Nico' vouchers to purchase experiences on HOME-X?
HOME-X and Six by Nico are separate companies therefore vouchers for Six by Nico cannot be used for HOME-X purchases.

How do I order online?
Ordering online is easy:
1. Choose your experience.
2. Select the number of boxes/guests.
3. Then select your delivery date before adding to your to your basket.

Deliveries can arrive up until 9pm on your chosen delivery date.

How long does the food last?
All food dishes can be enjoyed within 48 hours of arriving at your home.

Do you have any vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free options?
The majority of our Home by Nico experiences have a vegetarian counterpart, which can usually be found by a link on the experience page, allowing you to switch between regular and vegetarian. We aim to provide this for every Home by Nico experience, but occasionally this may not always be possible.

Vegan: Currently we do not have a dedicated Vegan experience.

Gluten Free / Other Dietary Restrictions: Currently, our menus are not created to be gluten-free, however we are working to accommodate this in the future!

Do you accommodate food allergies?
We are not able to accommodate individual food allergies, however we have outlined all allergens on each product page.

How many people is one experience (box) for?
Our experiences are specially designed to be portioned between 2 guests. Occasionally a unique product may vary from this, but in those instances it will be clearly identified on the product page.

Am I able to order any of the food experiences as a single portion?
Our boxes are designed, cooked, and packaged as double portions so we cannot alter this on an individual basis.

Can I swap or remove any of the dishes or remove alcohol from a box?
Sorry, we're unable to edit the contents of each box.

Do you sell gift cards?
We sure do! Check out our digital gift card page.

Is your packaging recyclable?
All components of our packaging are recyclable with the exception of the film on our food containers.

When can I use my Black Friday gift card?
Gift cards purchased as part of our Black Friday 2021 offer are valid from 01.01.22-31.03.22. Gift cards purchased as part of our Black Friday 2020 offer are valid from 26.12.20-25.12.21. Both gift cards can be used on all our current (and future) HOME-X experiences until the specified expiry date. Gift cards cannot be redeemed against existing orders.