Meet The Team

Truly passionate about what they do, Nico, Luigi and Liana bring the best out in one another. There’s nothing these guys enjoy more than working together to bring you the best experiences and this Christmas is no exception.

Nico Simeone


Meet Nico Simeone, head honcho and founder of the Six by Nico. Born in Glasgow to Italian parents, Nico’s been brought up on good Mediterranean food & his love of cooking began in his mother’s kitchen, where they’d prepare traditional Italian dishes for large family feasts.

Nico has a taste for theatrics in cooking and his tasting menus are curated around places, memories and ideas, often with a twist to surprise and entertain diners. When he’s not rolling up his sleeves and creating immersive experiences for guests, you’ll find Nico spending time with his kids playing football and reminiscing on his football career.

This Christmas...
Nico’s looking forward to taking the day off from his chef duties. He’ll be enjoying his very own Christmas by Nico box with his family and friends and listening to his favourite festive song, 'It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas' by Michael Bublé.

Liana Mullen


When it comes to composing fragrances, Liana is quite the maestro – her work is built around the power of scent to ignite memories and moments we all experience and love. Creating candles and emotive fragrances from her workshop in Glasgow’s West End, Liana focuses on the feeling and emotion she wants to evoke at the very heart of her creation. Liana works closely with her team of experienced perfumers to add a touch of indulgence to your home.

When she’s not nose deep in fragrance, Liana enjoys cooking delicious food for her friends and family at the weekend. Being Italian, she has grown up with food being an integral part of her family’s life.

Liana's favourite Christmas memory is...
Walking into her parents house, where her Mum and her Nonna would be baking the infamous, traditional Panettone. The scent of citrus fruits and warm buttery sponge instantly transports her to Christmas Day with her family, around a dining table filled with lots of love and laughter. These memories inspired her beloved Christmas scent “Be Merry”.

Luigi Tana


A wine connoisseur who's been working with Nico since day one, Luigi has been carefully selecting wines with Nico for years. Born in Scotland, Luigi comes from a long Italian lineage and is a first generation Scot in his family.

Delicious food sits at the heart of Luigi’s family and he has heaps of happy memories of eating at home. His favourite dish has always been spaghetti alle vongole (spaghetti with clams) in a heavenly white wine sauce and of course, his mama’s was always the best!

Close friends and colleagues, Nico trusts Luigi to source wines which will compliment and enhance his dishes. Luigi’s vision is to showcase young winemakers from all over the world, who hold strong organic and sustainable values.

This Christmas...
Luigi will be drinking Murganheira Reserva Brut in a wine glass, not a flute (long story) and decanting his Bordeaux Château Les Aubiers for dinner. He’s looking forward to a Christmas spent with his whole family, especially his children, baby Eleonora and toddler Raffaella.

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