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The Circus

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Home by Nico: The Circus - prepare your tastebuds for an array of flavours that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Roll up, Roll up and get ready to enjoy the show this December!


What's In The Box

Burger & Fries:
Beef “Burger” | Burger Sauce / Shoestring Fries / Pickled Swede

A Crab Attics:
Charcoal Spaghetti | Crab And Lobster Fumet / Smoked Tomato / Herb / Courgette Oil

The Greatest Show:
Duck Breast | Duck Leg & Prune Bon Bon / Creamed Savoy Cabbage / Mushroom / Truffle Butter Sauce / Duck Fat Potato Gratin

Toffee Apple:
Caramelised Apple | Dulce De Leche / Vanilla Cream / Popcorn
Wine: Bottle of wine to match.