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Domaine de le Noë

Muscadet Sevre et Maine Sur Lie

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Based in the tiny hamlet of Chateau Thebaud are the wonderful vineyards of Domaine de la Noe. Owned and cultivated by the Drouard brothers, their Muscadet’s offer the very best from the most classic of all the Loire regions.

Domaine de la Noë was founded in 1878. The 74 hectare estate produces full bodied Muscadets from low yields. With amazing soils and very old vines, the wines from Noë frequently win awards in France.

Just north west of the region in which this wine is made lies Paimpont Forest, thought to be in medieval times knowns as Brocéliande, an enchanted forest. This forest features in many tales of Merlin and King Arthur and is where Merlin met his love, Vivien.

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