Lobster Inc: Surf & turf


As requested by you! We have created this Limited Edition experience that is by no means limited in luxury. Perfect for celebrating, treating yourself or for elevating that staycation you truly deserve! 

The Menu
・Whole Native Lobster & Chateaubriand with herb butter 
・Chorizo Four Cheese Mac & Cheese
・Garden Pea & Butterbean Fricassee
・Puttanesca Potatoes with Caper, lemon and chilli
XO Chantenay Carrots

The Drinks 
・A half-bottle of C.V.N.E Cune Rioja Crianza
・A half-bottle of Domaine Michel Girard Sancerre

Select your delivery date, and enjoy within 48 hours after your order is delivered, when refrigerated.

Surf & Turf