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Vietnamese Fusion

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Home by Nico: Vietnamese Fusion, a journey that will awaken your senses and have your palate buzzing with fresh, fascinating flavours.

A certified winter warmer that will make those nights at-home extra memorable.


What's In The Box

Starter: Duck Steamed Buns | Pickled Vegetables / Homemade Hoisin / Roasted Peanuts & Crispy Shallots
Second Starter: Hot & Sour Broth | Enoki Mushroom / Rice Noodles / Lemongrass / Chilli Oil
Main Course: Caramel Belly Of Pork Hot Pot | Stir Fried Slaw / Sticky Glaze / Ginger / Chilli
Side Dish: Sautéed Asian Greens | Garlic / Ginger / Sesame
Side Dish: Clay Pot Aubergine | Green Beans / Potato / Black Pepper
Dessert: Vietnamese Coffee | Coffee Pannacotta / Coffee Sponge / Coffee Crumb
Wine: Bottle of wine to match.